Frequently asked questions

What do I see in my medication overview?

In the medication overview you will see all medication as prescribed for you and supplied since March 2019 by the pharmacy with which you are linked and by other pharmacies that use the FarmaSys system. It is a direct representation of part of your personal medical file from your pharmacy. Changes are communicated every five minutes, so your medication overview is always up to date.

Can I make refill requests for medication?

Yes, you can make medication refill requests using the app if two conditions are met:

1. The medication is refillable in the app.*

2. The pharmacy where you received this medication supports refill requests using this app.

* In the medication details you can see if medication is refillable with the app. Some medications may be refillable, but you must always refill yourself at the pharmacy or through your doctor.

If your medication is refillable in the app, you can make a refill request in two ways:

1. Refill medication using the Refill button in the medication details.

2. Select multiple medications to refill using the Refill button in your medication overview.

After you confirm that you want to refill the medication, a request will be sent to your pharmacy. You will see this in your Orders overview as Requested medication. Your pharmacy will check your request. If everything is in order, your pharmacy will prepare your order. You will then see in your order overview that your request has been given the status "Ready to deliver". You will be notified separately from your pharmacy when and how you can collect your medication.

What do I see in my Orders overview?

In your Orders overview you can see which orders your pharmacy is processing. These could be refill requests that you have made through this app. They have the status "Requested". You can also see other orders that your pharmacy is working on for you as soon as the pharmacy has placed them in the system. These have the status "Ready to pick up". You will be notified separately from your pharmacy when and how you can collect your medication.

Why do I have to link with a pharmacy?

This app is brought to you on behalf of your pharmacy. To retrieve your medication data from your pharmacy, we ask you to link it with your pharmacy.

How does the registration and linking with my pharmacy work?

This app is brought to you on behalf of your pharmacy. To retrieve your medication data from your pharmacy, we ask you to link it with your pharmacy. Your pharmacy must check your identity for this. We do this with these steps:

1. You provide your email address to your pharmacy and confirm your email address in a confirmation email. (You may have done that before.)

2. Your pharmacist activates the use of this app for your email address.

3. You create an app account with the email address you validated at the pharmacy

4. You select your pharmacy in the app.

5. Enter your BSN in the app.

We use your BSN and email address to check on behalf of your pharmacy that you are a patient there and that you are allowed to use the app. Once we have confirmed this, you will have access to the app containing your medication details from your linked pharmacy.

How do I search for and choose a pharmacy?

You can search and choose a pharmacy with our pharmacy finder. All pharmacies that use the FarmaSys system are shown in the app. You can search by city or zip code. You can also search based on your current position (GPS) if you have given permission to do so. In the Pharmacy details you will also see your distance to that pharmacy and you can request directions from your favorite navigation app.

Have you already chosen a pharmacy? Then your pharmacy is clearly visible on the map, with a white icon. The pharmacy also provides detailed information such as opening hours, address details and ways to contact your pharmacy, such as telephone and email address. From there you can call or email your pharmacy directly.

What are the Medication Reminders?

Medication reminders are still under development and will follow this year. This "medication alarm clock" helps you to take your medication on time according to the prescription of your doctor and pharmacist and personalized to your daily routine. It works like this: the dosage from the doctor, for example "twice a day", is automatically adopted. You can then personalize it by indicating exactly what time you want it or you can link this to your set "Moments", such as getting up, breakfast or dinner. You will then receive a message when it is time to take your medication. This way you do not have to think about it yourself and your medication works best for you.

What do I see in my personal profile?

In your personal profile you will see your name, BSN, gender and date of birth. You will also see your contact information as known to your pharmacy, such as your residential address and email address.

In addition to your personal information, you can also see which pharmacy you are linked to and any other pharmacies affiliated with the app where you are a patient. From here you can also go to the pharmacy finder.

From your profile you can also go to Settings. Here you can change your PIN and password and enable or disable Face ID or Touch ID. You will also see general and legal information such as frequently asked questions, terms of use and the privacy statement. You can also log out or delete your account.

How can I change my PIN?

You have the option to change your PIN code in your Profile. You can do this directly in the app by first entering your current code and then the new PIN code twice.

How can I change my password?

You have the option to change your password in your Profile. You will receive an email with a link. Click on the link and you can change your password.

What happens when I log out?

You can log out of your Profile using the three dots at the top right. Your data will remain with your account, but will no longer be in your app. You can log in again with your email and password. You must then also create a new pin code.

Can I delete my account?

Yes, you can delete your account in your Profile using the three dots at the top right. This will delete your account (username and password). You can no longer access your data through the app.

Would you like to use the app again? Then you can create an account again and link it with your pharmacy.

Can I update my information?

It is currently not possible to update your data from the app. Do you want to change something, such as your contact details or your medication use? Then contact your pharmacy. Changes that your pharmacy makes to your profile and medication data will be visible in the app. Changes are reported to the app every five minutes.

What data is stored on my device?

Your data is stored encrypted on your device so that you can also use the app when you are not connected to the internet. Very handy. Data that we store includes:

·       Personal data

·       Medical data

·       User settings

·       Your pharmacies

·       Your personal ID in the pharmacy

·       Pin

How is my data protected?

SmartMed Pharmacy B.V. is ISO27001 and NEN7510 certified and makes products that comply with these information security guidelines for healthcare and the guidelines of the GDPR.

ISO 27001 is the international, globally recognized standard for information security.

The NEN7510 is a national (i.e. Dutch) standard, specifically geared towards organizations dealing with personal health information (i.e. healthcare institutions and their service providers). The control measures described in NEN 7510 (and in some cases mandatory) are written in addition to ISO 27001.

HTTPS: All our communication is done via HTTPS connections (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secur). This is a protocol for securely handling requests between a client (browser) and server (web server). By using HTTPS, data that is sent is encrypted, so that this data is secured.

We therefore work certified according to strict security measures to protect your data. We use technical, contractual, administrative and physical measures to protect against unauthorized access. These include secure servers, SSL and encryption. The personal information you provide to us through the application is covered by our privacy statement. We respect your privacy and a full version of our current privacy statement can be found from the menu in this app. We are always improving our security and may make changes to our privacy statement. We always inform you about this via the app.