Frequently asked questions

What do I see in my medication overview? 

In the medication overview you see all your prescribed and delivered medicine over the last 12 months directly handled at your connected pharmacy. It is a direct view on a part of your personal medical dossier as recorded at your pharmacy. Always actual. So good to known that your medicine is ‘under control’!

Do you get medicine from other pharmacies? This information is unfortunately not visible in this overview, yet. This information is visible in your Actual Medication Overview (AMO) which can be provided by your pharmacy for free.

What is Pill Reminder?

UNDER CONSTRUCTION. The pill reminder is momentarily under construction. It will be released soon! With the pill reminder you will be supported on the intake of your medication on the right time. The app will send you a reminder notification to meet your adherence. 

Why do I need to connect to a pharmacy?

We ask you to connect to your pharmacy so that we can show you all your medicine that is directly handled by your pharmacy in a convenient overview. These are all the medicine that are ‘under control’ at your pharmacy and is a direct view of a part of your medical record at the pharmacy’s administration. We not only showing the medication you retrieved from this pharmacy but also the medication you might obtained by other pharmacies over the last 18 months.

How do I select a pharmacy?

With the aid of the pharmacy locator you can find your pharmacy of choice. This can be based on your current position (GPS) if you have given consent. The app will calculate the distance from your current position to your selected pharmacy. Via smart search you can also find your pharmacy by giving in a place, street, or search term e.g. ‘pharmacy’. The selected pharmacy will be clearly visible on the map, marked with a distinct icon. Also, pharmacy details are visible for easy contacting your pharmacy, like openings hours, address details and other means of communication like phone and email. By selecting the phone number, your phone is automatically activated. When selecting an email, your email program will open.  

What do I see in my personal profile?

In your profile are currently visible your Name, Your Social Security Number in the Netherlands (BSN), your gender and your day of birth. 

How do I reset my passcode?

With reset passcode you can change your four-digit login code. You will receive a change request for this in your email box.

What happens when I log out?

With ‘Log out’ you are capable to wipe your device clean of all locally installed data from this app. After logout you must onboard yourself again to make use of the services of this app. 

Can I update my personal data?

In this version it is not yet possible to maintain your personal data yourself and automatically reflects in the pharmacy administration. If you desire to change your personal data, please contact your pharmacy.

Which data is stored on my device?

On your device we store encrypted data so you can also benefit from the service of the app when not being connected to the internet. How convenient! Data which is stored concerns 

  • Personal data; 
  • Medical data; 
  • User preferences; 
  • Your pharmacy;  
  • Your person_id at the pharmacy;
  • Passcode.

How is my data protected?

SmartMed Pharmacy B.V. is ISO27001 and NEN7510 certified and makes products that meet these guidelines and is GDPR - compliant.

ISO 27001 is the internationally recognized standard in the field of information security.

NEN 7510 is a national (i.e. Dutch) standard, specifically aimed at organizations that deal with personal health information (i.e. healthcare institutions and their service providers). The control measures that NEN 7510 describes (and in some cases mandatory) are written in addition to ISO 27001.

HTTPS: All our communication is based on HTTPS connections (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secur). This is a protocol for securely handling requests between a client (browser) and server (webserver). By using HTTPS, data that is sent is encrypted, making this data secure.

That means that we have put stringent security measures in place to protect your information. We use technical, contractual, administrative, and physical measures to protect against unauthorized access. These include secure servers, SSL, and encryption. The personal information you provide to us using the application is governed by our Privacy Statement. We respect your privacy, and a complete version of our current privacy statement can be found via the menu in this app. We may update our statement and practices from time to time at our sole discretion.